Friday, February 3, 2017

Selling your home or looking to buy???

This Basically means it's backed by science... 

These people have great real estate humor (see pic below) and I am happy to share it with you. As you can see not calling me to find your dream home would be a big mistake, it's right there in black and white... actually in blue and whatever those other two colors are but you get the point. 

In this world of the internet I realize the general public is all about DIY everything including finding or selling their homes but this is one area where it rarely makes sense to do so. 

If you try and sell your home on your own, yes you will save that part of the commission 2-3% but often times your final sale price may end up being as much as 10% lower than if you went with a seasoned vet. So although it may feel as though you saved a few bucks at the beginning you actually end up with a smaller net profit. 

Selling a home is a large proposition and ideally you want to get the best money you can as quickly as possible. You probably are not an expert on real estate and 2 months spent online researching real estate is not a replacement for a good realtor who knows the business, the local market and the process.  *Market research, market analysis *Tips on making your home more attractive to potential buyers *Showing your home for you and fielding all inquiries *Presenting offers to you as they come in -- these are things Rockland Financial will help with and more. In essence I remove any of this burden from you, with the exception of keeping your house clean =) 

With your mortgage needs or real estate needs and very often for both, give us a shout.

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