Friday, August 19, 2016

Rates are Approaching Another All Time Low... and, just married :)

Rates have steadily been decreasing in 2016, quite the opposite of what everyone thought might happen.  

To put in perspective, in terms of conventional 30 year fixed quotes on top tier borrowers, the best ever seen was a range from 3.125% - 3.25% during a few days in late 2012.  Rates did manage to spend a few days back down at 3.25% in early July 2016, however since then, the new range has settled between 3.375% and 3.5%.  In other words, rates have held for over a month at levels that are a mere quarter point higher than the all-time lows we saw back in 2016 and that only held for a few days.  So unless you happen to be one of the lucky few that got an application in during those brief moments, today's rates might as well be all-time lows.  Congrats to you and me (see pic below)! 

So to make quite the direct to point... REFINANCE NOW! This isn't likely to stick at least not for long, don't be one of those who ends up saying "I should've pulled the trigger on that refi"

BUY NOW... your buying power is at its peak. Once rates start to inch up you will no longer qualify for the same purchase price that you qualify for now with these incredibly low interest rates.

Contact us now to find out how your potential savings are or to get pre-approved for your purchase.

The time is now, do not miss out.

 (this is pretty random but I just got married on 8/13/2016 and this was our wedding selfie)